Updates on In-Person Activity at Olivet

We’ve designed the easing of protocols with some graduated steps, as outlined in the attached Re-Opening Plan - Phase 2. For those fearful about returning to in-person services, we have included vaccinated only/‘full-protocol’ services once per month between Easter and New Church Day.

There is no plan that can be devised that will suit everyone, but we have done our best to accommodate the range of comfort levels, trusting that everyone will graciously recognize that all measures are temporary. The goal is to have Olivet Church fully reopened by New Church Day, June 19th, barring any Covid resurgence and a government-imposed return to restrictions.

This 2nd phase builds on the continuing expectations of Olivet’s congregants, of mutual respect and charity, which has led the church reopening strategy to date. It is, of course, dependent on every person to recognize the need to do their part to support a respectful, charitable, ‘judgement-free’, and considerate environment for all. A church relies on the goodwill and cooperation of everyone, in order to operate.

Our Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter services are all Open To All, with some protocols remaining (see plan).

As of April 24th continued masking will be strongly encouraged but will not be required for worship services. Again, we trust everyone will respect and support every person’s free choice around this. Mutual respect will also continue to include ‘self-screening’. You know the symptoms. If you have any of them, please don’t attend in-person church. Hand sanitizer will continue to be available for those who would like to use it.

We fully understand and appreciate that - like society at large - Olivet congregants are not ‘all on the same page’, in terms of their comfort levels with either the imposing of restrictions or the removal of restrictions. This is where the rubber meets the road, in terms of living in a charitable way towards our neighbours and allowing them their perspectives and choices.

“I remember hearing Bishop Whipple of Minnesota, who was well known as ‘The Apostle of the Indians’, voice these beautiful words: ‘For the last thirty years I have looked for the face of Christ in the people with whom I have disagreed.’ When this spirit drives us, we will be immediately protected from a feeble tolerance of others, narrow-mindedness, harsh vindictiveness, and everything else that would damage our testimony for Him who came not to destroy lives but to save them.”

- W.H. Griffith-Thomas

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another”     John 13:35

This is a tender time of reunifying the Olivet congregation. Our hope is that the truths and values that we have long held dear, will now truly guide our steps and our thinking.

COVID-19 Active Screening Tool for Patrons

This document outlines the COVID-19 screening protocol that will be in place when you arrive at the church.

Phase 2 Reopening Plan

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