In-Person Worship Services Return September 12

An invitation to attend in-person services in our sanctuary starting on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

As a sign of mutual respect and charitable consideration for the safety of the church community, and to meet with Health Authority recommendations, we are asking everyone to adhere to the following protocols:

Foremost: Please do not plan to attend if you or any members of your household are suffering from any respiratory ailment (cough or fever). Please join us instead, via our online channel:

If you plan to attend, we ask that you please sign-up each week through the portal to reserve your seat. You can find the link to save your seat at the bottom of this page. Please sign-up by the deadline of Saturday noon of that week, indicating the number of people from your home who will attend.

It is expected that from the time you arrive on the church grounds until you leave after the service, that your family group will wear masks and practice social distancing. If you forget your mask at home or don’t have one, the church will provide one for you.

There will be pylons on the sidewalk leading up to the church to help groups arriving at the same time maintain social distancing. Please explain to your children not to touch or move these pylons. At the entrance to the church, you will be greeted and required to answer some general questions in relation to the health of all the members of your party before entering. Hand sanitizer will be provided at this point.

A greeter will provide a mask(s) if needed and answer any questions you may have. They will then escort you to the usher who will guide you through the church doors to an appropriate pew. When exiting the sanctuary after the service, it should be through the north, (left side, front) doors only. Please pay attention to others leaving the sanctuary so that you can properly maintain social distancing measures while exiting (ushers will guide the process). Do not linger or visit with others in the hall way or lobby.

Parents are to be with their children at all times, including if a child must go to the washroom. However, we urge you to avoid any washroom visits if possible, by having children use the facilities at home before leaving for Church.

The washrooms on the north hallway (outside the sanctuary) will be the only ones open to the congregation. Worshippers who need to use the washroom must observe the one-way traffic flow pattern, exiting the sanctuary by the north doors and re-entering by the west doors.

Water fountains will not be in use.

Hymns will be shortened to one verse as there will be no congregational singing (again, as a safety measure).

After the service, please exit the building by the main Lobby doors, and go directly outside where social distancing should be observed if you choose to chat with friends. Please Do Not remove your mask until you are at the outside door. Disposable masks should then be placed in the garbage located at the door and hand sanitizer can be used afterwards.

Please contact the Pastor ([email protected] – 647-883-3754)
or Gwenda Cowley ([email protected] – 647- 882-1620

As opening up the Church will be a work in progress, we welcome your feedback on your experience and any creative suggestions you may have to make it even better.

Thank you for your cooperation as we try to return to In-Person Sunday worship as safely as possible.

Save a Seat

Click here to register for Sunday Church Services. Registration opens August 29th.