New Church Day Gift Pickup

We are continuing our tradition of giving New Church Day gifts to all children from infancy to grade 8 who are associated with the Olivet congregation.

If you're reading this, and you have a child in this age range, you're invited to come and pick up a gift. This year, because of the pandemic, we will be offering “curbside gift pickup” after the New Church Day service on Sunday June 21st, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

To pick up a gift for your child, all you need to do is drive into the Olivet parking lot. The gift will be brought out to your car, and placed in your trunk or on a backseat. We will be doing all we can to keep the drop-off process safe. We ask that you remain in your cars, and that you avoid crowding the drop-off area.

If parents are, for any reason, unable to pick up gifts for their own children, please consider “deputizing” a friend or relative to pick up the gift on your behalf!

We will have extra gifts, in case anyone we’re not expecting should show up, but if you intend to come, it would be helpful if you’d RSVP.

Thank you, and blessings to you all!