Women’s Christmas Party

We're holding a Zoom version of our annual women's Christmas party on Saturday, December 5th from 8:00 – 9:30pm.

While we certainly wish we could gather in person this year, this pandemic won’t stop us from connecting as festively and safely as possible. In fact, there are many aspects of our usual party that we can still make happen!

1. Donations

We always make a point of giving to those in need at our usual gathering, so this year we encourage all of you to participate in Toronto Miracle – get more details and sign up at torontomiracle.org. All you have to do is leave a nonperishable item outside your home (or in your condo lobby) on the morning of the party (December 5) and volunteers will come and collect it. It’s that easy!

2. Festive Food

While we can’t do a proper potluck, we can all commit to enjoying Christmassy food and beverages during the party. We also encourage you to send in a recipe of what you would have brought to this year’s gathering if it were happening in person. Just email Justine at [email protected] and she will then share the collection of recipes with all party goers. Maybe the fun of sharing and making each other’s recipes will bring us closer this holiday season.

3. Worship

The first hour of the party will just be a chance to visit and check in with one another. Starting at 9pm, we will have a mini worship service to bring our attention to the joy of the Lord’s birth.

4. Great music

While we can’t all sing along together, we can enjoy jolly Christmas carols accompanied by Fran Raymond. We might have to sing along “muted” on Zoom, but at least we will be able to see hear the music and see everyone’s happy faces. And of course, we will wrap up the evening with “Calm on the Listening Ear of Night”—it’s tradition!


We hope you can join us in our virtual gathering this year. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP by Friday, December 4th to [email protected]. Merry Christmas!